Available Courses


FAA Private Pilot Ground School (US-PPL)
FAA Private Pilot Ground School contains all the materials and quizzes necessary to successfully prepare for the Private Pilot License FAA written exam. It is also an official course that satisfies the requirements of the PPL ground school requirement. Includes practice exams.

Duration of enrollment: 2 years


Multi-Engine and Seneca Ground School (ME)
Multi-Engine and Seneca Ground school prepares you for your multi-engine rating and Piper Seneca flying: multi-engine procedures, systems, single-engine theory, SOPs, quizzes.

Duration of enrollment: 1 year

Flight Training

Icing and Winter Operations
Aircraft Critical Surface Contamination, In-Flight Icing, Winter Operations.


License Course

500 USD

Rating Course

250 USD

Flight Training Course

100 USD

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