Pegasus How-To

The "Manage Aircraft" section presents a list of all aircraft. They are highlighted in different colours, each reflects the remaining time until the next maintenance.

Aircraft that are highlighted in purple are strictly NO-GO, as they are out of airtime or have reached their next calendar item.

If the aircraft is highlighted in red, the airtime or calendar item is near its next scheduled maintenance. You should keep track of how much airtime or days remaining, and schedule your bookings accordingly.

If the aircraft ident is highlighted in yellow, it means that the upcoming maintenance inspection is expected soon, however, the airplane still has enough flight time or days left for a few flights. You should always check both the airtime and next calendar before each flight.

Any aircraft that is highlighted in grey are not scheduled to undergo maintenance anytime soon.
Additionally, at the beginning of each row, there are three functions that affect the status of their respective aircraft.

The "eye" is used to block off an aircraft
The "gear" is for editing an aircraft's information.
The "X" is to delete an aircraft's information permanently.

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